Design Engineering

With a complete design and manufacture facility under one roof, we have a unique advantage over design houses or freelance operators. Our reputation has been built on the ability to produce unique, one-off specialist machines in an atmosphere which encourages communication and close interaction with you, the customer.

Furthermore due to our experience in designing and building bespoke products. We have developed, quick efficient methods of development which ensure short lead times, and hence we are generally less expensive and produce higher quality products than our competitors.

Our design office is equipped “high technology” drawing office which utilizes parametric solid modelling systems, creating innovative and complete engineering design solutions.

What projects have we done and what do we do?

• Parametric solid modelling
3d Design • Detail design
• Finite Element Analysis
• Kinematic analysis
• Prototyping
• Cycle test machinery
• Specialist laboratory equipment
• Production machinery
• Metal forming machinery
• PLC Programming
• Electrical control panels
• Data logging
• Industrial computer programming

Finite Element Analysis

The use of Finite-element analysis typifies the thorough way in which Brother Engineering appreciates design. FEA enables a detailed examination of the forces working within a component, including all mechanical stresses and strains. Not only can this protect against Costly failures in use, but it will also highlight huge potential savings on materials by optimizing the components mass. With medium to large-scale production in mind, the potential savings are significantly increased.