Zero point mounting system for manual or automatic loading of

workpieces and fixtures on machine tools

SPEEDY classic - hydraulic, mechanical

the extensive and multi-purpose
hydraulic/mechanical zero point mounting system
in 4 sizes from 5.3 to 30 kN

SPEEDY metec - mechanical

the solid mechanical zero-point mounting system,
that facilitates simple and low-cost solutions
in 2 sizes from 12 to 20 kN

SPEEDY airtec - pneumatic

the zero point mounting system with pneumatic operation
in modular design, with centre locking and indexing
generates a retention force of 20 kN at an air pressure
of 6 bar

SPEEDY hydratec - hydraulic, double acting

the hydraulic double-acting zero point mounting system
is of universal use due to its compact design and the adjustable retention force up to 20 kN at 300 bar