Elements and systems for production engineering


Program Summary
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Hydraulic clamping elements for clamping of workpieces

- Clamps / clamping cylinders
- Swing clamps
- PosiFlex clamps
- Concentric clamping elements
- Fixture clamps
- Work supports
- Hydraulic valves
- Elements for oil supply
- Pneumatic elements

Program summary "SWING CLAMPS"  
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Program summary "WORK SUPPORTS" 
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Hydraulic cylinders for linear motions of every type

- Block cylinders
- Hydro-cylinders
- Universal cylinders
- Threaded-body cylinders
- Hollow-piston cylinders
- Hydraulic slides

Program summary "BLOCK CYLINDERS" 
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Clamping and industrial power units | Hydraulic pressure generators

- Power units
- Hydro-pneumatic pump units
- Intensifiers
- Manually-operated pumps

Assembly and handling technique

Handling technology: modulog module system
Modules for lifting, rotating, tilting and moving of
workpieces. All modules can be easily combined
to built multi-functional units.

Press-in devices for power-operated processes
such as jointing, pressing-in, jolting, deforming
and riveting.

  Progam Summary "The modulog module programme"
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  modulog Module Combinations
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Linear technique – complete units for linear motions

Hydro-mechanical linear units

Electro-mechanical linear units

Systems for production engineering

Analysis, consultation, design and delivery of clamping
and positioning systems for production engineering.

Complete solutions in principle consisting of modules
and standard components of the ROEMHELD Group.

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