Clamping systems and standard fixtures for metal cutting and non-

cutting manufacturing

Workpiece power workholding | Machine vices

Mechanical, mechanical-hydraulic and
hydraulic workpiece clamping systems and
standard fixtures for machine tools,
machining centres and flexible manufacturing systems.

Machine vices
Double and concentric vices
Compact clamps
Tower and multiple clamping systems

Tool clamping and changing systems for deformation tools

Tool clamping systems for press automation.

Clamping systems for machines and installations.
Hydraulic, mechanical, electro-mechanical
and magnetic clamping elements.

Tool changing technique.
Roller bars, ball bars, consoles and
tool changing carts.

Magnetic power workholding for plastic and rubber industry

for presses, transfer moulding presses and injection
moulding machines.
Temperature range up to 230°C.